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Our Story

Tacos Run in Our Family

Back in the year 2009, there were two cabrones that began working in a kitchen, at a joint called Seasons 52 in Plano, Texas. It was here, that began the great friendship of Rolando and Arturo. 

In the moments of late night drinking, the two fellas talked dreams of opening a place of their own. A place to provide delectable food, tasty drinks, and unforgettable memories. Both being from different parts of Mexico, Rolando from Toluca and Arturo from Veracruz, they both wanted to pay homage to their motherland by providing DFW with authentic Mexican Cuisine. Tacos, Gorditas, and Huaraches are handmade, ingredients are hand selected by the men of the house, and Agua Fresca's are always made fresh. Although small now, they are still working towards their dreams of that place our guests never want to leave. Stick around and see what they can do!

2 Compas & The Boss Lady

Rolando, Arturo & Brittney


As mentioned before, Rolando and Arturo met back in 2009. At the same restaurant of Seasons 52, Brittney began working there in 2011. This is where the love story between Rolando and Brittney began. Two years and a baby later, a son was born. They decided their great friend Arturo would make an excellent godfather to him. Big mistake. (Jk) Now, the Compadres are inseparable and probably won't be any time soon. 

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